Outer Space Property Claim Formally Recognized

Faires' Property Claim Ends 50 year Legal Debate

As the first off-planet property claim to receive formal recognition, this document serves as prima facie evidence confirming the legality of such private commercial ventures in Outer Space for mankind as a whole.  Establishing once and for all that there is room for growth under the current legal frameworkthis claim of ownership may serve as a stepping stone in upholding the concept of individual sovereignty beyond national borders.

The territory claimed in this document is outwith the jurisdiction of national borders.

No provisions in any national legislation or relevant international treaty prohibit private appropriation or claims of territorial sovereignty outside of the solar system.

 In compliance with the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, this legal instrument has been executed, under the authorization and supervision by the competent authorities as per Article VI the treaty.


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Nasa Attorney Return LetterBureau of Oceans 2006UN Letter to Delegates2008 UN General Assembly ReportWes Faires United Nations Private Sector

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