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A Step Forward for Private Property Rights in Outer Space


Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and Registrar/Recorder/Clerk Dean C. Logan have agreed to make the Document Recording and Indexing Manual (DRIM) available to the public, accessible via the internet.

Court Clerk of the United States District Court (Central Division of California) has confirmed the existence of a “Miscellaneous File” for archiving affidavits on a federal level.

Access to enter Outer Space related property claims into public archives is now open in the following areas:
United States Federal Courts – Miscellaneous File
California – County Recorder (Statewide) - Notice of Intent to Preserve Mineral Rights
United States Copyright Office/Library of Congress – Literary Work
Jefferson County, Colorado Recorder of Deeds – Copyright/Misc

Claims to a total of 9 extrasolar celestial bodies have been Authenticated in compliance with the Outer Space Treaty, by United States Secretary of State.  A claim to 1 asteroid is in process via Registered Mail.


Orions Belt Giza 2012
Orions Belt Over Giza Pyramids, as will Occur on December 3, 2012

With trends in the emerging private space sector recently having led to an influx of time, money and technology dedicated to extracting mineral resources off-planet,  finders-keepers mindset often espouse the adage:“Posession is 9/10ths of the law”. Here in the infancy of human spaceflight, proper attention must be given to that “other 1/10th” currently affecting us while we're still here on Earth..

To this end, the Orion's Belt project initiated by Wes Faires in 2003 has garnered a reputation of innovation regarding clarification and interpretation of Domestic and International law pertaining to outer space. This project aims to establish set precedent in the field of property rights beyond national borders and ensure a responsible management of future legislation as we move forward into space.

Two main goals drive this website:

1. Creating awareness of formal recognition recently obtained for a private property claim in outer space, which will no doubt clear up the confusion regarding current legislation which had persisted for 50 years.

2. Advocate the establishment of a a permanent platform for direct participation of the private sector within the United Nations, so that mankind has a voice in the arena where the international treaties concerning Outer Space are hammered out. On this level, it is crucial to eliminate of all hostile legal articles and amendments concerning private sovereign rights beyond national borders in order to truly move forward free of any Earthly shackles that threaten to hold us back