Speaking Engagements - Wes Faires

Space Conferences, Advocacy and Contributions to the Private Space Sector

United Societies in Space / ISDAC; Castle Rock, Colorado June 2012 Golden, Colorado Speaker

-Treaty Specialist

Discussion related to current treaty law and effects on the growth of the private space sector. Immediate strategies involve boots on the ground campaigning against US ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Review conference on the Moon Treaty, and establishment of a permanent platform for private citizens within the U.N. Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.

Multi-World Property Rights Conference; and Space Resources Roundtable - Golden, Colorado  July 2011 Golden, Colorado Speaker Roundtable Speaker Participant, discussions included celestial property rights, procedures for forward progress, and implementation under the current legal framework.

Yuri's Night April 2011 Havre, Montana Keynote Speaker Discussed research project, participant in live feed broadcast with the International Space Station covering experience with United Nations and channels of legality for an off-private property claim at Montana State University Northern (Go Lights!!),

Lunar Embassy / Galactic Government May 2008-12 Rio Vista, California Annual Participant in support of: Attorney General / Secretary of Justice Maintenance of intellectual property portfolio. Shut down of copycat websites using trademarked info

United Nations Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space March/April 2008 47th Legal Sub-Committee

Vienna, Austria

Private Sector Delegate

Selected as a silent observer during the year where the push for ratification of the Moon Treaty began anew, presented a paper directly to the delegations in support of the treaty covering the harmful precedents that would be inflicted upon mankind as a whole should the treaty be ratified. Portions of this paper included in the Committee's General Assembly Report. ( See: UN Doc #A/AC.105/917 )

Lobbying Efforts Against  UN Convention on the Law of the Sea 2008-Present- Washington DC

Lobbyist Independent Private Sector Advocate

Annual in person meetings to discuss strategies to ratify current treaty opponents on Capitol Hill.

 (See: http://www.orions-belt.com/pdf/against-unclos-senate-ratification.pdf)


[VIDEO] - WBIR LIVE AT 5 NEWSCAST October 2003 - Knoxville, Tennessee

Interviewed by WBIR-10 (NBC Affilliate) for "Live at 5" Human Interest Broadcast

Discussed my Claim of Ownership to the three Stars of Orion's Belt in its early stages