Private Space Sector Goals

Private Property in Space, UN Treaty Modification

Generate public awareness of the legality of off-planet private property claims.
The fifty (50) year old notion that private property claims of this type were unlawful under the Outer Space Treaty can be forever laid to rest! Its legal validity backed by the sworn statement/signature of the US Secretary of State, the world now has prima facie evidence that such private property claims can lawfully be executed in conformity with the current legal framework. This clarification has removed a major roadblock in the evolution of property rights in space.

Altering all legislation consideration toward private sovereign rights beyond national borders.

Current trends within the United Nations framework are leading to establishment of an international regime to govern all territory beyond national borders – a regime which is unfavorable to property rights and shielded from input from private individuals. The only entity claiming legislative authority over territorial claims outside national borders is the International Sea Bed Authority, its powers designated within the Law of the Sea Treaty, whereby the deep sea-bed is governed by the “Common Heritage principle” - Private property is outright forbidden, private citizens placed under the authority of a top-down regime.

The Moon Treaty threatens to apply this same kind of governance across the solar syste5, and contrary to popular belief, is a “treaty in force”, and is gaining signatories and support on a yearly basis. US ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty is currently being debated in the Senate, with plans for a vote before the year's end. If signed into law, a perceived detrimental precedent would be set for territorial governance by the United Nations in all areas outside national jurisdiction. This could serve as an alternative method for applying the same style of regime to Outer Space.

Establish a permanent platform for direct private sector participation with the United Nations in future legislation as it pertains to outer space.

A new treaty, favorable to property rights, would require unanimous consent within UNCOPUOS which would require withdrawal from the Moon Treaty. The result offering individual sovereignty to truly extend beyond the confines of Earth unopposed. As private citizens continue to be discouraged and shut out of the legislative process, hope for a commercially viable solution by the United Nations is mathematically impossible. *The will of mankind is not being reflected by the legislation governing it on the UN level. A balance must be struck between the 65 people enacting legislation behind closed doors, and the consent of the billions governed by it.


Currently the planetary mining market is unaware of the legality of Outer Space property claims to execute claims in conformity with the Outer Space Treaty-making.